Yup you guessed it! There’s more things to clean! Some of these things aren’t thought of as part of your regular spring cleaning. It’s always nice to look at things in someone else’s view because it will open up your eyes to new things. As a cleaning person myself I can visit different places and find things that people have over looked for some time. My parents are good ones for the computer won’t work. By not working they mean it’s running slow and or it keeps freezing, which brings me to more cleaning possibilities.

What about technology? Do you have a smart phone that keeps freezing, a computer that won’t load, or a tablet that it seems like every time you want to download something new it tells you there’s not enough space? Well whens the last time you have cleaned up these items? While we  all tend to take really good care of our electronics for the most part we really need to DE-junk them. Maybe you have thousands of pictures stored in your phone, screen shots even that you took of a new recipe you wanted to try or a new craft idea. You can back most of these items up to your cloud or google accounts and then delete them off your phone. I normally do this and then go through my storage once it’s on my google account and then delete items I don’t need. Maybe it was I took 20 pictures of my 3 year old just to get the perfect photo for that moment, but I really don’t need those 19 other photos. You may have games you downloaded to pass time but you haven’t played them much in the last month, go ahead and delete those to clear up space as well. What about files you may have saved on your computer for what ever reason? Delete them if you no longer need them. Once you have gone through and deleted everything you can think of run a system cleaner such as Clean Master and it will find more items that are hidden, or that you didn’t think about and will give you the option to delete those as well. I try to run this program on my systems every three months. Freeing up this space will help your device run faster, you may even feel like it’s brand new again.

Other things that you may not think about for your normal spring cleaning include your yard, your car, how about that garage! We all have those leaves that either waited until it was too cold to get or something came up and we just didn’t have the time. Now is the perfect time to go ahead and take care of those as well. You may have debris laying around your yard because that pesky raccoon decided to get into your trash or it may have blown there with all that 40 mph plus wind we’ve had recently. This also is the perfect time to inspect that patio furniture, It may be time for new, or you may need to make a couple simple repairs. now how about your car? I’m sure it could use a good cleaning both inside and out. Take advantage of these nice sunny days and detail the inside of your car. When it’s warm enough run it through a car wash to get all that rock salt and dirt off it. Speaking of cars, what’s that garage look like? Can you even park your car in it? Start in an area of the garage and eliminate items you may no longer need. If you are unsure leave it this time, when you do your next big clean if it still sits there untouched get rid of it. This is a perfect time to get all items together that may require you to call for a large trash pick up for your residence.

Once you have completed your new spring cleaning list you will feel better not only about yourself but also about everything around you. Just remember if you get to in over your head there are always services out there that will help you with all your needs.