Cleaning Genie!

If you are like me you have waited for your children to get back out of the house and into the school buildings this year. Some of us are also worried about the germs our little ones will bring home from school because we all know there is always that one parent who sends their children to school sick. (thinking they aren’t really that sick)

We are setting up a drop it point in the house and spraying book bags and shoes with disinfectant as the kids return home. We are also going straight to the bathrooms and washing our hands just to wash away any germs.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy the quiet house while your little ones are away at school this is the best time to re-organize your home. Maybe there are clothes that the family no longer wears, whether it’s they grew out of them, or no longer into that style. You can take this time to focus just on the clothes (and catching up on the laundry to make sure nothing is missed), make a pile of unwanted items and donated them to a nearby shelter house. If you don’t know of any nearby shelters see if the school may want them or even a church. After you achieve this task you can move on to other areas in the home and you will find by removing some clothes there is a little more storage room in the closet or even in the drawers to put away other items.


Below you will find a list to help you get you house organized for the new school year. And a little clean-up each week should help keep it pretty organized and it will allow for smooth mornings and evenings.



  • Declutter clothes

  • Clean out general mess

  • Set up for school (desk area, bookshelf, closet/dresser)


  • Declutter toys and books

  • General tidy


  • Launder all bedding/pillows

  • Tidy up laundry area

  • Ensure everyone has a laundry hamper and is familiar with the laundry routine


  • Clean out fridge/freezer/pantry

  • Declutter plastic containers and school related kitchenware

  • Ensure functional organization for breakfast routine and school lunch/snack prep


  • General tidy

  • Refresh first-aid supplies/toiletries

  • Launder shower curtains/bath mats

If deep cleaning overwhelms you reach out to a local cleaning company to have them help! You will be surprised at just how affordable they can be. If you are local to us here in Sylvania, Ohio give us a call.

I’d like to hear from you and how your cleaning / decluttering is going!