Cleaning can be a real chore. Some people hate to clean while others love to clean. Some things around your house that you should be doing daily are washing down your kitchen counters, washing the dishes, sweeping your kitchen floor, sanitizing your sinks in both the kitchen and bathroom as well as keeping on laundry. That may be your favorite… laundry or maybe it’s folding those clean clothes and putting them away that’s why we all wait so long before doing the laundry!! If we take time to keep up with daily chores around the house then they should never be too over bearing and we getting through them should be simple.

As daily cleaning services aren’t something you want to pay for each day if you are keeping up on the daily chores then having a company like the Cleaning Genie come into your home becomes even more affordable. You get to then have us focus on the harder stuff, such as stripping the beds and re-making them with fresh linen. Even scrubbing the toilet and shower. Here’s my favorite the teenager child or even the husband cooked something in the microwave and it splattered all over and even over flowed the bowl they used, did they clean it up? Chances are probably not they left it for you to find, now it’s been there for a few days and it’s really going to take some elbow grease to get it all cleaned up. Because you have kept up on other things around the house on a daily basis the cleaners can now focus more on that mess you’d rather not deal with in the first place.

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