Here are some quick and easy cleaning tips for some spotless living spaces.

Shine a light on hidden dust

Put on overhead light fixtures too see cobwebs and particles lurking on moldings, fans and fixtures. If out of reach, use an extension tool to wipe globes and trim. Hint – Oxo’s microfiber extendable duster is a washable and pivots to get every spot.

Take a floor-up approach

Pull furniture away from walls to vacuum under and behind. Nab the dust along the baseboards and clean the carpet dents with your vacuums upholstery tool. Hint – Fluff matted carpet tufts with a steam iron or garment steamer.

Toss drapes in the laundry

Wash or dry-clean curtains. Or if the need refreshing, tumble them on the dryer’s air-only setting to remove dust and you can add dryer sheets for a fresh sent. Hint – Try Dryel’s new in-dryer kit. It steams fabrics and includes a pen for stains , plus an odor and wrinkle removing spray.

Stick it to Pet Hair

You can spray upholstery and carpet with an antistatic spray, like static guard and it will break the charge that causes fur to cling to these surfaces. It will now be easier to gather or vacuum up the pet fur.