I would like to begin by wishes the Cleaning Genie a Happy 37th Birthday. The Cleaning Genie started into business in October 1980. The Cleaning Genie has an A1 rating with the BBB and is a member of the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce.



I can not believe that it is October already. Where has the time gone? Since the children have returned to school, it has seemed like the time has flown by.

With the start of October, comes the cooler weather, changing leaf colors and pumpkin everything. My favorite part of October would have to be the cooler weather. Nice t-shirt weather during the day and by evening sweat shirt weather. My next favorite thing in October would have to be the color changing of the leafs. The browns, reds, and yellows of the leafs are just so beautiful all mixed together. It nice to take a long Sunday drive to no where to see all the beautiful colors.

October Cleaning Tip

Heating Systems – If you have a forced-air system, change or wash the air filters regularly. A dirty filter can prevent proper airflow. Also, make sure that the air filter fits properly. It should occupy the entire filter cavity and prevent air from bypassing it. Vacuum the outside of the furnace or heat pump once every month or so. If there are radiators, clean them regularly.

A furnace should be properly maintained. Consider a service contract that includes an annual inspection of your furnace. The service technician should check electrical connections and wiring and gas piping for damage and leaks. Do not assume that the technician who does the annual or semiannual tune-up of your furnace changes the filter. This is generally considered to be the homeowner’s responsibility. Despite the improved efficiency and comfort of most new furnaces, it’s generally more cost-effective to repair a furnace than to replace it. If a key component such as the heat exchanger or control module fails, you’re probably better off replacing the furnace, especially if the unit is more than 15 years old. The average furnace typically lasts about 18 years.