A Holiday Wish

It’s time for the holidays

The house is a mess

You work and you bake

And you shop for a dress

You can’t do it all

To your family’s dismay

If you went without sleep

There might be a way

Don’t worry, don’t fret

Lay down your poor head

We’ll dust and we’ll sweep

Even change that big bed

We’ll wash and we’ll wax

We’ll sanitize and more

We’ll get all those fingerprints

Off of the door

So call us right now

We’ll give you a price

We’re reasonable and fast

And awfully nice

Tell your Santa no perfume

No earrings or blouse

Just give me a Genie

To clean up this house!

We have Gift Cards available!

Cleaning Tip – Cell Phones

Use a clean lint-free cloth to wipe any dirt or fingerprints from the case, keypad, and display. If needed, wet the cloth with a bit of water to clean the display. Avoid getting cell phones wet. If moisture gets under the casing, remove the battery cover and take out the battery, SIM card and memory card. Insert all the pieces into a mason jar or any container with an airtight seal that is filled to the brim with rice. Close the lid and leave it undisturbed for at least 24 hours. Afterward, reassemble the phone, turn it on, and try it out. You may have full or at least partial functionally. If the phone does not work, it will need to be professionally serviced.