The Holiday that never seems to have the same date or even month. I was recently asked why is Easter so late this year. So to get the best answer possible I did some research on the Holiday. It all has to do with the moon. Below is some interesting information leading to this decision of just when Easter will fall each year.

Astronomical vs. Ecclesiastical Dates

In years in which the church’s March equinox and Paschal Full Moon dates do not coincide with the astronomical dates of these events, confusion about the date of Easter can arise. In 2019, for example, the March equinox in the Western Hemisphere happened on Wednesday, March 20, while the first Full Moon in spring was on Thursday, March 21 in many time zones. If the church followed the timing of these astronomical events, Easter would have been celebrated on March 24, the Sunday after the Full Moon on March 21.

However, the Full Moon date in March specified by the church’s lunar calendar, also called the ecclesiastical Full Moon, was March 20, 2019—one day before the ecclesiastical date of the March equinox, March 21. For that reason, the Easter date 2019 is based on the nextecclesiastical Full Moon, which is on April 18. This is why Easter 2019 falls on April 21.

Easter Traditions

  • Making Easter Baskets.
  • Cooking or attending an Easter dinner.
  • Easter egg hunts.
  • The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies!!!!
  • Dressing up.
  • and many, many more

When dyeing most Easter eggs we tend to use vinegar because that’s what the instructions tell us to do. Some of us will look for dye that doesn’t require vinegar because we can’t stand the smell. Some of us will avoid the mess all together and not dye eggs, and others will use the stickers or crayon method. Which ever you decide becomes a family tradition that gets passed down from generation to generation. And each year it brings up memories and makes you think of all the good times you have had with your family.

Cleaning Tip: Vinegar is not just for dyeing those eggs. You can also use it for cleaning. Vinegar’s acidity is what makes it such a good cleaner. Because vinegar is so acidic, it can counteract some icky buildups. It can dissolve away soap scum, brines left by hard water, and glue left behind by stickers. … A paste of vinegar and baking soda can dissolve set red wine stains.