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Spring is Near!!!

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Spring ~ Tulips #3Spring is arriving upon us and with that comes flowers blooming, fresh cut grass and the chore of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows you to freshen up your home. Spring cleaning helps you focus on the parts of your home that have been neglected all winter long. Listed below you will find some tips to help you get the job done with special attention given to seasonal chores for the springy time of year.

The Kitchen

The Dining Room

The Living Areas

The Bedroom

The Bathroom


These are just some of the tips for spring cleaning that you could do in your home. If you need help in your spring cleaning endeavors, you could always hire a local cleaning company to come in and help you. The smallest amount of help could make a world of difference. Happy Spring and good luck with your spring cleaning adventures.

Tips for a cleaner bathroom!!!!

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Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your bathroom sparkling.

Making Tiles Sing

Clean grout gives your whole bathroom a face lift. Hint – CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner erases stains and soap scum.

Rust Stains on Sinks and Bathtubs

Rust makes fixtures look old and worn. Never use bleach cleaner on the rust stains, it will help it set in. For light rust marks, saturate a cloth with lemon juice and apply. You can also use a paste made of lemon juice and salt to scrub rust stains away.

Rescue Tub Mats & Shower Curtains

You can toss mats and plastic curtains in the washer to remove gunk and mold. Wash on a gentle cycle and warm water. Adding bleach is safe. Tumble-dry liners on low for 2 – 3 minutes. Hint – To prevent mold, hang mats and spread liners to dry after use.

Let the Toilet Clean Itself

Add an in-tank cleaner and it will keep the bowl fresh for the daily use toilets. For the occasional used toilets, use a in-bowl version. Hint – Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel works for up to 7 days.

Switch Your Soap

Use a liquid or foaming soap with a pump or even a hands free dispenser to eliminate the goopy soap dish to keep your sink and counter top cleaner longer.