So long Winter!

But before we rejoice as we welcome the more colorful season
of spring, we must first tick off our Spring cleaning list. Are you still using
your pen and paper?

There are already modern or high tech apps that could
actually save your life, well, make things easier for you, let’s put it that
way. If you do not clean the mess we had last season, we could develop a cold
and other respiratory diseases. We do not want to spread germs within our home,

So for you to know the latest hacks or those spring cleaning tips and tricks
that several moms know, we recommend you to try these apps.

1. Spring
Cleaning Checklist

This is very helpful this Spring!  According to Huffington
Post, this Android app, Spring Cleaning Checklist, has video tips and spring
cleaning tricks that will make your job a lot easier! It also provides music for
you to get your groove on with such tedious asks. Who says spring cleaning can’t
be fun? .

2. Cleaning Checklist

This app is compatible to use on both iPhone and iPad, says iTunes. With this app,byou can easily manage several tasks
you need to do per room. It helps you know which ones you have done and things
you still need to do. You just need to name a list and then select tasks from
its catalog, and that’s your cleaning checklist. You can also add and create
your own or customized checklist, iTunes suggests.

It is like your normal
pen and paper method, except it has bells and whistles to make it enjoyable. It
will make spring cleaning stress-free, iTunes notes.

3. FlyHelper

If you have an Android phone, you may download the FlyHelper app. It reminds you to
clean your home, but it also has some gentle reminders to rest for a while,
notes Huffington Post . It also helps you plan your tasks either for the day or
for the entire week. With this, you may also manage your “routines”  by knowing
your daily or weekly tasks.  A nice addition to this app is that you also have a
dutiful assistant called “FlyLady” which suggests what part or “zone” of your
house must still be cleaned, states Huffington Post.

Currently, there are only 3 languages supported by this app: English, Russian and German, says
Android Pit.

These are the latest apps in the market, but if you are more
comfortable with your other apps, that is just fine. Perhaps, you like the
traditional way of jotting down notes. That’s all right. The main goal here is
to finish the tasks and make your home clean and organized for a more habitable
environment for your family.