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The sign we are seeing everywhere these days. Yet when you visit an establishment you are met with the sorry we are understaffed comments.

Why are we unable to find new people to hire for even part time work? What has changed since covid that has so many people not needing to accept a job? I’m looking for your comments below!

The other issue we see here is many people who apply but then never answer their phones, or the ones that do will set up an interview and then just not show up for the interview, sometimes if you get 2 out of 20 interviewees to show and you decide to hire they never answer their phone for a start date or get the start date and never show to do paperwork. Which puts us back at step one. I read a post the other day and it simply said people don’t need to return to work because they applied for the PPP loans and they are still living off that. How true do you think this is?

Hey if you’ve made it this far and you like to clean give us a call to set up an interview. We are now hiring!!!

Pro cleaning tip: Declutter! Pick a room a day and go through everything in that room. If you haven’t used the item is more than 6 months it’s time to let it go. You can have a garage sale and make some extra cash, donate the items to your local Goodwill or throw them out. Maybe you will come across things that you wish to be handed down through the generations and you can hand those items down sooner than orginally planned. Just one room a day and house chores should become that much easier! If you need help give us a call!